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What to do in Madrid

What to do in Madrid

What to do in Madrid? Madrid is a city with so many things to see, do and feel that any summary will fall short. That’s why the best recommendation we can give you is to leave your guidebook in your room, leave our reception and set off to discover Madrid without guides or preconceptions. Without having prepared beforehand for what you are going to find.

You will find places that don’t appear in the guidebooks, museums you never knew existed, bars with more history than you could ever imagine. And you will find, of course, some of the jewels that have made this city one of the most beautiful in the world. Here is a list of some of them, arranged by area of interest.

If you want to eat well, Madrid is one of the cities with the greatest gastronomic variety in the world. They say that Madrid has the best fish market in Spain, with the freshest and most select products.

If what you want to do is stroll in the open air, you can do so in the country’s most distinguished parks. The Buen Retiro Park is a good example of this, being the lungs of our city, it still has the aroma of the palace gardens.

If you are in the mood for thrills, don’t hesitate to go to the Warner Park or the amusement park.

If you prefer to see exotic animals, we recommend you to go to the Madrid Zoo or the Faunia park.

If you are passionate about football, check out the offers to visit the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, it is just a stone’s throw away from our flats.

Thousands of offers at your fingertips. You just have to dare to discover them.

Your stay will be short, you will always want to visit something else. Don’t hesitate to ask us about all the cultural offers that Madrid has to offer.